Christmas Craft Night

One of my goals for December is to meet a reindeer. I'm still trying to figure out how to make that happen. 

One of my other goals for December is to give back, which is not hard to do at all! So far, I've purchased 10 pounds of dog treats and a gallon of antibacterial soap for the animal shelter (easy peasy... I can spare $16 for homeless pets), baked two cheesecakes for the Pulaski Senior Center Thanksgiving meal (ok... so that was November. I'm still counting it), crocheted a blanket for a sick friend (with help) and donated my time to a local high school to help them make some costumes for their upcoming production of Grease. But the good deed I'm most proud of this month was a tag-team effort between me and my friend Gina. 

Gina and her husband own a beautiful (and very popular) wedding venue in the Green Bay Area, Sepia Wedding Chapel. We've been scheming ways to use the chapel on more days of the week than just Fridays and Saturdays, and of course I loved the idea of hosting craft parties! We decided to do a trial run for some of our friends and coworkers, but we wanted it to have a bigger purpose. The decision to donate the proceeds to our coworker and friend who was in a serious accident this past spring was an easy one. 

We sent our invites via Facebook, and ended up hosting 19 fun-loving ladies for a Christmas Card Tree painting party. Barry, our handyman extraordinaire, built all of our trees ahead of time so we could spend most of the night drinking wine, snacking and socializing. Overall, the night was an amazing success, and we were able to make our beneficiary's holiday season $400 brighter. She had a hard time holding back tears as she graciously accepted our gift. A fun night for a good cause... I call that a total win. 

Blank canvases ready to be colorized!

Let's get this party started! Actually, we got way too much wine. Ha ha.

They all turned out so unique!

Heeeeey, crafty ladies! 

Here's my finished card tree. I just went super simple with it and did an ombre color mix on just the faces of the branches. I spent a lot of time talking with people I hadn't seen in a while, and apparently wine effects me more than expected, but I also just like the simplicity. 

Santa... I think I've been good this year! ;) Can you bring Comet so I can get a selfie with him? 


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