What in the world?!?

Let's play a game! Can you guess what the heck I'm planning to make out of all this stuff?

The cat was not from Menards.

Sometimes I have to laugh at myself when I shop for supplies to make my ideas come to life. For example, I wandered around Menards for an hour, round and round the store, tossing random objects into my cart. I must have looked slightly lost, because a nice young man asked if I needed help finding anything, and I replied,"No thanks, I'm just being crafty".

I ended up with the following:

1- 8" concrete forming tube
2- 48" stair banister spindles
6- shatterproof silver ornaments (only 2 are shown)
1- really big red ornament
7- cans of various primer, paint and spray glitter
2- 15" round wood disks
8- MDF rosettes of varying sizes
1- bottle of wood glue
1- roll of 2" painters' tape

What am I making?

Well... I somehow ended up on the Santa Night committee at work (where we arrange a night for company kiddos to meet Santa, make crafts, decorate cookies, etc.) and we needed some signage. I had made a bunch of hanging signs last year to denote which table was for which activity, but we wanted to "improve the flow" of participants (typical manufacturing company, right?). I ended up making a North Pole and a couple directional signs to show people where to go to do this and that and meet Santa.

Ta da! Oh shoot. I guess I didn't take pictures of all of them. Here's the North Pole at least, in my messy office at work.

Yes, I do have a lot of toys in my office... kinda like the North Pole!

Not my best work, I'll admit... I was rushed and frustrated because I had all the tools I needed, but didn't think to get longer nail gun nails (for the signs you don't see). Good news is that you can't see my frustration on the finished product unless you look really closely. :) I also am not a huge fan of the glitter spray paint. The caps are kind of misleading. I thought I'd get a rich ruby red with sparkles from the can, but it was kind of just pink glitter. I should have sprayed the area with plain red first, then put the glitter over that. Oh well. It worked!


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