Get (a little) Smarter

Last year I went nuts with the crocheted Christmas gifts. Good grief. I don't know why I did this to myself. Yes, handmade goods are amazing gifts... but no one said such gifts have to be made of a billion tiny loops of yarn made one by one!

This is what I accomplished:

A heap of crocheted goodness.

Fun "ombre" crochet blanket.

More tapestry stitch! Personalized crochet.

Two cute hats. Free pattern by Drops Design.


Zig Zag cowl- also by Drops Design.
Cute hat of my own design! :)


I lined this one with fleece.
Boot cuffs were "it" last year.
All of these items were only for four different people; my mom, my stepmom, my friend Gina and her son Grayson. All of these, except for the blanket, were started the week before Christmas. See? I'm nuts.

Plus, I made this cute little newborn elf hat for a photo shoot.

This year, I'm planning simpler gifts that can be finished in an hour or less! Sure, my list is longer, but the gifts won't be any less personal or meaningful if they're not made of yarn. I've got several small watercolor/India ink paintings to do (itty-bitty... like 4x6"), a couple simple scarves to sew, some wood to paint, and a few other things that I'm not 100% solid on yet.

Hopefully in the process, I'll be able to blog a little more! I've been crazy busy lately, and while I'm still crafting, documenting and writing about my crafts isn't really top priority.

And holy cow! Where is December going!?!? I seriously thought I had plenty of time to get all this stuff done... you may not hear from me until after Christmas! Thank goodness I have all next week off of work. I'll be sure to post everything that I do manage to make...


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