Square Overload

Holy granny squares, Batman!

A billion granny squares and a cup of tea. I'm not an old lady, I swear.
I can't say I've ever gotten this close to finishing a crochet project of this size before! Usually when a pattern consists of lots of one little thing, I get bored and set it aside for a few years (and then forget about it). It helps that I have other crocheters working with me on this one, and a tight deadline to get it done!

Our light blue ribbon Prostate Cancer Support Afghan is coming together! We've only got a couple dozen more squares to whip up (out of 180, that doesn't sound too bad...), and I sorted them into rows so we could get started stitching them together.



I'm reminded why I struggle with group projects. I tend to be a perfectionist and little irregularities drive me absolutely insane. Despite our best efforts to make all of our squares exactly the same, there are still some really funky big ones and a few with a couple lumpy sides... but I just have to make like Elsa and let it go! We'll make it work. Like I always say... if I wanted it to be perfect, I would have bought it in a store. And I sure as heck am glad I had the help of those talented ladies! I never would have finished this on my own.

Here's a photo of a couple of the ladies sewing it together at work the day of the Christmas party... we shut down at noon so I had enough time to stitch the final rows on at home (even with sewing one on backwards and having to remove it- UGH!).

Aaaaand... here it is! I literally finished putting the border around it five minutes before dinner started at our Christmas party, so I didn't get a chance to take lots of pictures. It did, however, fit nicely on the full-size bed in our hotel room. It turned out great!


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