Cotton Cuts Mystery Puzzle Quilt Block of the Month

I've never done much "social crafting" (aside from teaching crochet), but I've always loved the idea of a quilting bee or block of the month club...

While searching for a group I could join on Instagram (what's NOT on IG?!?), I came across Cotton Cuts, an online fabric store that supplies subscription quilt boxes, and they just so happened to be starting a mystery block of the month club that very week! I followed the white rabbit down the hyperlink hole and ended up subscribing to the small $17.50 per month mystery block in the Boardwalk Fun colorway. Come November-ish, I'll have a completed 48"x60" quilt top!

"Boardwalk Fun"

They had about a dozen different color groups to choose from, but many were sold out by the time I stumbled upon it- I really loved the Martha's Vinyard, Golden Age and Summer in the Keys groupings. There are also different colorways for other countries, as I've seen on the members-only Facebook group... Some of the ladies are making lovely puzzle pieces for their finished quilts all the way over in New Zealand!


My first kit arrived mid February, and I was tickled by how cute it was packaged up in its magenta mailing bag with a colorful little sticker...

The kit contained a color chart to identify my fabrics, instructions for the month's blocks, and pre-cut pieces of fabric in cute lime green, blue and grey (imagine that! I chose lime green...).

It took me about a half hour to stitch my little pieces together, while the website states that:
"A puzzle mystery quilt is fun for anyone, especially: 1) The Busy Quilter with a go-go life that has only 2-4 hours a month to sew; 2) The Beginning Quilter that is excited to expand their skills; or 3) The Experienced Quilter that wants to sew but doesn't want to cut small pieces."

I've noticed several of the quilters in the FB group also fly through their blocks at lightening speed... and then feel sad that it's done already and they have to wait another month for the next kit!


I stashed my first month's blocks and instruction sheets in a little chartreuse polka dot photo box I got at Michael's (they were on sale for 5 for $10!), and stuck it on the shelf to await March's kit. 

When my next package arrived, I *gasp* let it sit for a couple of days, as I had a lot of stuff going on. When I finally did get around to it, I was pleasantly challenged a bit by the piecing. This one took me maybe 45 minutes to assemble fully.

A few of my little white HST pieces were cut sort of wonky, but they weren't off enough to get new pieces sent (the first month, many ladies were posting that their pieces weren't cut correctly; to which Cotton Cuts promptly replied and sent out replacements. Mine were all perfect!). So, my March blocks are slightly warped and the corners don't exactly line up, but I don't mind. Finished is better than perfect!

I'm curious to see how the finished quilt top turns out... I normally gravitate towards more modern quilt designs and this one seems to be leaning towards the traditional patchwork style, but we'll see! I guess that's the fun of doing a mystery puzzle quilt.


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