Mystery Project, Continued...

I've got little batik squares coming out of my ears!

After I whipped up my table runner and four matching square place mats, I still had a whole bunch of batik squares that were too pretty to just put away and forget about. I decided to try my hand at some half square triangle (HST) action. 

This was fun! I tried the method of placing two squares face to face, drawing a line down the center, and stitching two rows- 1/4" away from the line on each side. You then cut it apart on the line to create two HSTs at once. Handy! I worked up a whole bunch of contrasty little squares really quickly.

Then I went for the layout. I really liked this HST quilt that I found on Pinterest, but I didn't have enough squares to make the spiral really prominent and it kind of  reminded me of a symbol I didn't really want to be associated with. My suspicions were confirmed when I asked my hubby and he flat out said, "It looks like a swastika". Yup. Back to the drawing board...

What I was going for... 

What it looked like. Not quite right... maybe it's the colors?

I spent a bit of time rearranging my blocks to get something that was appealing. I liked this "saw blade" look a lot. 

I'm glad I took a picture of that one... because the next time I looked at this project, the infamous Quark had jumped up on the table and shoved them all off onto the floor. Jerk. While I was reassembling from the photo, I played around with the blocks in the corners and ended up with this:

Perfect! Stitch it!

And so it was. I still need to finish all of my little batik projects; I haven't completed the quilting on any of them yet. Stay tuned to see them... eventually! :)


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