Quilting with Friends

One of my best friends recently became an uncle. He also mentioned briefly that he wanted to learn how to quilt! Sooooo.... obviously, I jumped on that combo and decided to help him create a quilt for his little niece Audrey for Christmas (we're starting early for good reason!).

Audrey was named after the one and only Miss Hepburn, so naturally her room is in shades of pink and gold... although Tiffany blue would also be fantastic!


I recently started cutting up my fabric scraps into 2.5" squares... and I had just finished cutting the pink ones when Dan mentioned his desire to quilt something, so that seemed perfect. I designed a patchwork half square triangle block using the 2.5" squares and a larger half square triangle. I stopped at St. Vinny's to see if I could find any supplemental fabrics, and I lucked out again! I found two different gold fabrics and a couple pieces of pink print, as well as a nice big piece of light pink for the backing. I liked the idea of using the gold as one little square in each block, so it looks like glitter, and then "framing" the whole thing with a gold binding.

Dan and I got together last Thursday, and we cut up the rest of the fabrics we had picked out. He helped me sort them into 20 stacks with one of each fabric (although we had 13 different fabrics and each block gets 15 squares- so we randomly doubled up a couple prints).

I then showed him how to piece the squares together using a 1/4" seam allowance and matching the corners with the seams pressed to opposite sides. Here's what we ended up with:

Once we get all of our patchwork HSTs made up, we'll trim them down to 10.5" wide (with 1/4" of seam allowance on the diagonal) and match them up with a solid half square triangle. I can't wait to see how this one turns out! It's so much fun sharing my hobbies (and some beverages) with good friends.

Update: 5/25

Dan and Max stopped by again last night to work on the quilt. We made a pretty good dent in our pile of squares! And Daniel definitely wore the right color... :)



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