Scrappy Dappy Doo!

Ok, so we all know how much I hate wasting stuff... and this leads to a HUGE accumulation of itty bitty scraps and random stuff hanging around my craft areas.

As I've been binge-watching quilting tutorials on YouTube lately, I came across a little video on making a scrappy quilt out of leftover 2 x 3.5" rectangles all sewn together. I'm not a huge fan of the super traditional look of the example quilt, but it really got me thinking about the bags upon bags of scraps I've been collecting since I made that first baby quilt four years ago...

So I dug them all out (I think I got all of them??), dragged them to the darkroom with me over the weekend (yay, dedicated crafty time!) and sorted through my heap of scraps. I started with putting them in piles by color, and removing the tiny pieces that wouldn't be useful.


It's amazing how much smaller the pile looks once the pieces are all sorted and folded up nicely. 

I even found some super cute project starters! There are a couple leftover pieced cutoffs from the cute green and blue ombre quilt that I really wanted to keep for myself... and they'll make some really fun log cabin blocks! 

I'm still trying to figure out how to cut up and organize all of these amazing fabrics... I've heard everything from keeping anything larger than an inch square to 1x4" or 3x3", and cutting them into strips, squares, etc., but I have no clue what I'd use most. I did find this awesome simple method of making a postage stamp pillow (no piecing necessary!!), so perhaps 1.5" square would be ideal?

I also offered to help one of my best friends make a quilt for his new little niece... so hopefully we can make a good dent in this pile!


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