Check another quilt off the list!

Well, here it is! I'm so in love with this cute little cool-colored gradient quilt...

It really didn't take much time at all to make; the simple block pattern and large sections of solid fabric made the assembly really quick and simple. I did spend a good amount of time on the top stitching (still just straight lines; one of these days I'll be brave and try some free-motion quilting), but I think it turned out to be my best quilting job yet. There were no fabric bunches or snags on the back side, and there's only one little area where the backing fabric is a little loose between stitch lines... I call that a successful sandwich and pin job!

I also made the matching bag- of course. It's such a great way to use up pieced scraps and leftover fabric. Plus, if the quilt doesn't match baby's room (which I'm beginning to realize is the case... this is not pastel safari!), the tote bag makes it easy to use the quilt as a traveling blankie. Here is my little "helper" trying to pull the pins out of the tote bag sides... before I sewed them. Thanks, Quark.



Because I designed the quilt to have a vague "froggy" feel to match the upcoming baby shower theme, I decided to take it to a pond to photograph it. Apparently rocks are harder to use as quilt displays than I thought... it's just hard to arrange nicely. Oh well! Quilts are washable (thank goodness), and I think I got some cute pictures out of the effort anyways.

I think I want a big one for my bed! What do you think? :)


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