Super Mario Baby Shower

Ok... so this was not originally my idea. My friend had a Super Mario-themed baby shower in June, and it was absolutely awesome. I guess it wasn't really a shower... more of a party. Guys were welcome to join, and the couple had a cookout at their home.

The game table.

How clever is this veggie tray!?!

Adorable castle cake... with Yoshi egg plates.

I offered my services (and work resources) to create some life-sized Peach and Mario cardboard cutouts as photo props... they turned out great! I'm slightly frustrated with them though, because the adhesive paper I printed the characters on didn't seem to want to stick permanently to the cardboard. Perhaps the random swings in humidity and temperature have something to do with it. Peach looked awful for a while! It was like she aged fifty years and turned into a wrinkled prune overnight... but it seems to have leveled out and is now decently smooth. Crazy!

Rolling off the printer...

Stuck to cardboard...

Final products! They look so real... 

Very cool selfie wall.

Of course, I'm also way too obsessive about a cute baby shower theme... so I wanted to make a game to bring along! When I printed Peach and Mario, there was a lot of extra white space on the paper so I filled it with little fold-up question blocks (found with a Google search). I cut them all out and stuck them to one-inch wooden cubes and dumped them in a vase... any guesses how many are in there?

The one who guessed the closest to the correct number took home all these fun prizes! We have here a hand-painted Mario-themed picture frame along with a crocheted piranha plant and Chomp! Too freaking cute. I made up the patterns for these guys... they're based off the perfect sphere generator pattern for a 40 stitch-circumference sphere. I'll post a detailed pattern eventually... I hope to make more of these sometime since they turned out so darn cute!

I love the idea of the question block (is that what they're called?) for a gender reveal... Rose made this cute box to surprise her guests with the gender of their baby. LOVE!

It's a girl! 

It was just a fabulous weekend and I'm so excited for my lovely friends to welcome a little Princess Peach into their family!


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