Sweet Little Liam

I got to meet Liam last night! He's five days old and itty-bitty and adorable. It always surprises me how tiny newborns are...

I wanted to make something for his mommy and daddy (in addition to the shower photo book and wish card deck that I finally put together), and I had seen a lot of "birth announcement" framed prints on Pinterest lately. The frames from the table signs at the shower were still sitting around my craft room, so I decided to re-create one of the prints (literally... I pretty much copied it, just changing fonts, colors and pertinent info).

The original
My recreation (I actually like it better)
We got to see the family last night at a cookout at our parents' house (their mom and my dad... yay, step families!), and we actually met a relative from Belgium who now lives in Indianapolis. She's pretty cool. But anyways, baby Liam is adorable, and his mommy and daddy loved the little gifts I brought them.

Book by Shutterfly... I think I prefer Snapfish honestly.

I also made progress on my relationship with little Jackson! He turned two in May and I think he's finally starting to remember me... he's a shy little flirt, and adorable as well. Also, he calls his baby sister (in mom's belly) "Baby Butt". We all thought that was pretty funny.