Slightly MORE Suessical

The truffula trunk quilt is starting to take shape! See, I told you we just needed a little bit of imagination... That's what Dr. Suess is all about!

So, here's about where we left off last time. I got the wonky strips pieced together, pressed them, and laid them out on the background piece (the blueish-teal color here). You'll see again why wonky cuts make me squirm a little because of all the waste... chop chop!

Sorry for the blurry pic... not sure what happened here.

Each colored section was cut (layered with the blue underneath) into a squiggly tree trunk. the scrap edges of the colors, as well as the blue pieces underneath the colored squiggle are discarded (eeek!), no, set aside for another project. Once again, it's important to keep them in order, because each piece fits into only one other just like a puzzle...

Notice the scruffy little grey dog in the upper corner... that's my mom's dog Schnoodles, whom we were dog-sitting for a couple days. Apparently, he thinks bags of craft supplies are more comfortable than furniture. Whatever. 

OK... now that all the squiggles are sewn back together, we can see that the bottom edge is nowhere near square. That's just fine! It's free-form and imaginative, and I never expected everything to work out perfectly. Let's add a grassy hill... 

...and sewn. Plus a cat.
And that's the top! Now to figure out what to do for the backing... I had a chunk of yellow fabric left over from something (I really don't remember what...), but it was kind of square. So I took leftovers of each colored piece that I had intentionally set aside, sewed them together and decided to piece it into the middle of the yellow. But first, I took a leftover blue squiggle (the one from under the orange tree), and pieced that into the yellow fabric. 

All my leftovers...
Squiggle placement (followed by cut, sew, press)
More help.
Finished back (the backside)
Excellent! Now it's time to sandwich, pin and top stitch! 

Batting (on top of backing)
Top, pinned in place
Always fun shoving quilts through the machine...
And here's a little sneak peak of the quilting! I'm loving it so far, and I can't wait to finish it up! Shouldn't be long now...


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