True North Quilt

It feels so nice to get projects done that have been weighing on my mind for a while.

Here's the True North quilt for my friend's little girl!

Last time I posted about this project, I was wondering what to do for the backing. It seemed totally appropriate to replicate the cute little HST chevrons on the back in a larger scale, using each of the fabrics from the front. I usually lean towards asymmetrical design, so I offset the large chevron, constructed out of 9" HST blocks, to line up with the second and third columns of blocks on the front.



I finished up the top stitching on the quilt on Thursday night, and while it's super random, I really like how it turned out.

I also tried a new method of attaching the binding, which ended up saving me a good 10 minutes of screwing around. I normally pin the binding on and sew all the way around, leaving about 12 inches free on either end, so I can open them up, cut to the precise length and sew the ends together, creating a little seam. Sometimes I forget and don't leave enough room to do this comfortably, so I end up wrestling with the quilt to get it under the machine, making it hard to get a nice straight seam.

This time, I tried a method that Angela Walters taught me (via YouTube... I only wish I were cool enough to hang out with her in real life!) in which you fold the first end on the bias and sew just the bottom layer down for a couple inches, stitch the binding on around the quilt, then insert the last end inside of the fold like a little taco and stitch it shut. I didn't follow the technique in the video exactly- I think I did it backwards, but it still worked out really well. The fold provides the finished edge, and the bias makes the little diagonal overlap seem purposeful and intentional.

I also don't sew my binding strips together on the bias. Right angles work just fine for me, although I can see the benefit to doing so if the fabric is heavier; stitching on the bias reduces the bulk by distributing those seam allowances over a bigger area instead of stacking them all up.

While I LOVE this new shortcut, I'm still not ready to try to finish the binding on the machine. I just think it looks so much nicer when it's done by hand.

I should really try out the embroidery function on this fancy new (to me) machine! I'm still trying to figure out the best way to design my own little labels, and I'm finding that requires digitizing software. I may have to consult with my embroidery expert (mom in law) on this one...

However, the majority of this long holiday weekend was dedicated to finishing up that darn closet project! The rain held off enough for me to get some nice thick coats of polyurethane applied to my shelves, so this next week will be assembly... and then we can finally put all our crap back where it belongs!


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