Funky Jungle Chevrons

OK... so I stumbled across another baby quilt on Pinterest that I fell in love with. Of course, I found it after the first one was practically done, but I had to make one! I guess little nephew will get two quilts...Here's the quilt from Generation Magazine. I didn't even look at their pattern- it was simple enough to figure out.

Back to the the first quilt for a minute: I got the giraffe applique stuck down. I decided to put it on before quilting for the sole reason of not having stripes though the giraffe shape on the back. It looks a little strange that the stripes show through a bit, but I think once he's quilted it will look fine. A little tip: try to find fresh fusible when doing pieces like this! I've had a bolt lying around in my closet for a couple years, and the paper was really difficult to peel off.

I had quite a bit of fabric left over from the giraffe quilt, so maybe it wasn't so bad that I decided to make another one. Along with using up the solids I had, I bought a little bit of coordinating print fabric in each color to add some contrast and interest.

Here's my rough little plan. I like to write out what I need to cut from each color on a dry erase board so I have it in front of my face. My color notation system is simple... T is for tan, Y is for yellow, L is for lime, G is for green... add the P in front of the letter and it means print. I stuck my little illustration next to the cutting list so I had a piecing guide as well.

I started out by cutting up the fabric into 8.5" squares, then cut them all in half diagonally to make triangles, which will be sewn together in color/tan combos. This provides the basis for the chevron pattern, and the final look depends on how the blocks are arranged and stitched together.

I got two rows of piecing done last night... the photo below shows the first one. Again, it's going pretty quickly. I did have to take a few squares apart though because my soft tan broadcloth keeps shriveling up when I iron it to press the seams. Weird. Maybe the squares weren't cut exactly with the grain of the fabric.

I can't wait to work on this some more over the weekend! Hopefully I've got plenty of time between refurbishing an old dresser into a potting bench and planting seeds for my garden!


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