Weekends are much too short...

Weekends are never long enough. AND it snowed. In mid APRIL! I'm really hoping that was the very last snow we'll see until December. I don't think I can take any more!

I guess one benefit to nasty weather is staying inside and crafting. I didn't get a chance to work on my potting bench more, but I did make an accessory to go with it. I used another one of my thrift-store frames (from the photo booth at my wedding) to make a planting calendar.

For some reason I acquired 300 wood clothespins a while back. I think I was going to do something with them at one point, but I don't remember what it was. So I painted a couple of them magenta and strung them on wire stretched across the picture frame. I added cute little paper flowers to the pins, and designed and printed out six months' worth of calendar pages to hang from the clips. Ta-da! Simple and cute.

Eventually, I'll mark the dates of all the veggies and flowers I've planted, from sowing to transplanting to the expected harvest dates. I never really know when veggies like leafy greens should be harvested, so this should help! And if and when I don't want to use it as a calendar anymore, it would make a great picture holder, or even a project board to hold color samples and inspirational photos!

I got the Funky Jungle Chevron quilt pinned up and ready to quilt (and off my floor so I could work on other stuff), then started quilting the giraffe one. I guess I can't make up my mind on which one to work on- but they both need to be done by May 4, so it really doesn't matter so long as they both get done! Here's the back of the Chevron quilt:

I also got the adorable jungle nursery wall decor printed and framed. I found these great floating picture frames at Michael's- they had a really good sale going on last Friday!

Other than those things, I just did a bit of crocheting to work up some samples for a few classes I'll be teaching (darn school loans have forced me to get a second job!). Nothing too exciting... the projects are set by JoAnn's corporate, and unfortunately most of them are pretty cheesy. It would seem like common sense that people are more likely to take a class to learn to make something useful and cool, but whatever. Eventually I'll be able to submit my own ideas for classes... which I will definitely take advantage of!


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