Jungle Fever!

I tend to go a bit nuts- especially when someone gives me an open invitation to decorate something for them, such as a baby room. Well... I guess it wasn't an open invitation; I offered my services. :)

I'm so pumped about the yellow and green jungle theme that I just keep making more and more cute baby-related stuff. I really love these silhouette designs I put together.

I really want to print them on matte paper and paint the animals with glossy clear coat to make them pop out a bit. I think they'd look adorable on a nursery wall... but I'll let mom-to-be decide if she wants to hop on the crazy train with me. :)

I can't believe how excited I am for this little guy to come! I'm usually not a baby kind of person, but with so many friends becoming parents lately, they don't seem so foreign anymore. After all... I was the last baby in my family, so I've never really known any!

My hubby and I went to Chicago for a concert a few weekends ago, and we stopped at IKEA on the way home- Wisconsin really needs a taste of their awesome! I was strangely excited to walk through the baby room section. I had my eyes open for really cool, unusual jungle-themed stuff! The thing I liked the best was this cool fabric leaf crib awning... and it looks even better in person. I couldn't believe how inexpensive it was... although I didn't buy one. Once again, I thought mom-to-be should decided on these types of things. :)


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